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Digitalization has helped check corruption at Passport Office - Bawumia

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has slammed persons who have trivialized plans of the government to digitize the economy According to him, a digitised economy is a massive economy.

He indicated that the process should be simple for any Sixth Former to understand. “Ladies and gentleman, the digitised economy is a massive economy,” he stated at the 76th graduation ceremony of the Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon, on Saturday, November 13.

“That should be obvious to anybody who has done Sixth Form Economics and they should understand,” he added. “But if you don’t understand that it is a massive economy, then you shouldn’t blame me.

You should blame your Sixth Form Economics teacher.” He was responding to commits made by his opponents after he had delivered a lecture recently at Ashesi University on the success story of the government’s digitization drive.

The Vice President said “Through digitalisation, we have been able to tackle corruption at the Passport Office,” the Vice President cited. “It used to be very endemic [but] today you can sit at home, apply for your passport a actually be delivered for you at home.”

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