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Ghana to construct Sentuo Industrial Complex in Ashaiman

The government of Ghana is set to construct an ultra-modern industrial and commercial hub in Ashaiman along the Accra-Tema motorway.

Dubbed the Sentuo Industrial Complex, the projected will be constructed on a 60 acre piece of land as part of the government’s One District, One Factory programme.

Sentuo Industrial Complex

The project will contain: a building material complex, hospitality and residential facilities; truck terminal, warehouse complex, car parks, open air theatre, landscape for exercises, green belt and sound barrier. It is expected to be a leisure, entertainment and business hub. The project will also involve the construction of new entry and exit roads on the Tema Motorway, Tema under-pass, Agyeikojo, Lashibi and 24 community roads.

The project’s socio-economic impact 

These development projects are going to be significant to the socio-economic transformation of residents in the municipality and other nearby towns. With the construction of the harbour city of Tema and its numerous industries, this project will enter the manuals of the Tema-Ashiaman enclave as one of its most unique innovations that would take comparative advantage of other industries in the cosmopolitan area.

It will be one vital project under the One District, One Factory flagship programme engaged by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, since it is expected to provide over 2,000 direct jobs to Ghanians when complete.

When executed, the project will change the landscape of the entrance into Ashiaman Township and also create a positive image for the municipality widely assumed for its notorious criminal activities and other negative vices. The project will greatly improve security along the motorway, because its location will dislodge criminals who hide along that stretch to attack and rob innocent citizens, even in broad daylight.

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