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Construction Of Sefwi Dwenase Lorry Station And Market Under Hon. Dr Kwaku Afriyie   

MP for Sefwi Wiawso Constituency has seen the urgent need in putting the lorry station and market in good shape after both were neglected by the NDC since 1990. It is instructive to note further that ,Sefwi Wiawso Constituency seat has been with the National Democratic Congress since 1988 when it was PNDC.

In 2016, the good people of Sefwi Wiawso decided to switch their "auto pilot" vote to the NPP because everybody clamoured for change which became a necessity to salvage the lives of Ghanaians from the wicked hands of the NDC government. Today,they are feeling the impact of the change they voted for. Their lorry station as well as the market are under speedy construction. kudos to Hon.Dr Kwaku Afriyie.

The deplorable nature of the lorry station is seen in its worst form during the raining season. Market women and taxi drivers have been complaining and crying for help for far too long. During the 2016 election, Hon.Dr Kwaku Afriyie who wasnt comfortable with the situation went to these market women and taxi drivers and promised them of fixing the lorry station and the market if voted into power.

Truth be told, the market women and taxi drivers expressed some doubt in the promise for obvious reasons. Lo and behold,two years in office as MP, Sefwi Dwenase lorry station is currently undergoing construction of ultra-modern block pavement.

As we speak,there is a covert which has been constructed along the market area to ensure that,when it rains heavily ,the market wont be flooded like the previous years. There are other massive road construction projects currently ongoing within the municipality only in two years under Hon.Dr Kwaku Afriyie(MP). They are, Sefwi Bosomoiso road, Sefwi Amafie road,Adiembra road and the continuation of Sefwi Dwenase new cite stretch which was completely abandoned by the NDC.

Before i do proceed with my glorification, I would like to state that,the biggest mistake the good people of Sefwi Wiawso made was to give the seat to NDC for over twenty six years(26yrs). We arefar behind in terms of development within the municipality. There is something peculiar about the NDC, areas where they consider their world bank in terms of votes, those areas on record have been neglected and denied development. A critical example includes,the Northen region and
Volta region


Even before we had the recent referendum to give the good people of Western North a full named region,the southern part of Western region kept referring to the Northen part of the region as Western North region. So it tells you that,there was an existing but not recognised in law "Western North" in terms of demarcation.This place was considered as part of NDC's world bank due to votes they obtain during national elections.

Common befitting market and lorry station,the good people of Sefwi Wiawso couldnt get from Rawlings government through to John Mahama.When there is rainfall,the market gets flooded as well the lorry station. It must be noted that under Mahama and J.E.A Mills,Hon.Evans Paul Aidoo had the opportunity to serve as a regional minister for eight years(8yrs) yet,he didnt see the need in giving the good people of Sefwi Wiawso a befitting market and lorry station through out his twelve years(12yrs) as MP.

It is fair to aver that, if the previous NDC MP's we had since 1988 were concerned about the deplorable nature of our lorry station and market,by now,we would have been boasting of this lorry station and market as the finest within Western North. It must also be made clear that, Sefwi Dwenase Market is still the biggest in Western North Region yet under the NDC,they didnt care about the despicable nature of the market.

If the twelve years(12yrs) we gave to Hon.Evans Paul Aidoo to represent us in parliament which he failed, same is giving to Hon.Dr Kwaku Afriyie(MP) to represent us in parliament, Sefwi Wiawso Constituency would never be relegated to the background like it did under Evans Paul Aidoo.

#Hon.Dr Kwaku Afriyie's two years in office is quite resplendent#

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