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IBUILD™ set to revolutionize construction industry


iBUILD provides a platform where all your construction worries are in the past. With their mobile app, you have a platform that connects customers, contractors, workers, suppliers, lenders and also other professionals such as engineers, architects etc. This brings transparency, accountability and efficiency in the housing eco system that for a long time has been a real challenge. iBUILD launched its app in Kenya as the first market in Africa in January 2019 and is set to launch in other countries.

Following their launch in Kenya iBUILD™ introduced the first three modules already functioning fully on the app. The modules are for the customers, contractors and the workers. In the coming weeks and months they are set to gradually introduce more modules such as the supplier module, where one can get all the materials and supplies they require for a project. The lenders module where they will connect all their app users with financial institutions that can support in the financing aspects of certain projects. The professionals’ module that will provide access for customers and contractors to browse, hire and pay Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Safety Officers and more.

Ultimately, iBUILD™ was started as a solution for this industry and all the loop holes and headaches that were there when bringing a project from start to finish. The team realized the pain points that a lot of the customers experienced in getting reliable contractors for projects. They also realized the pain of workers and labourers who have to leave home every day in search of work to do, sometimes returning with nothing. With this app the workers are able to search for work from their phone. They register their own profile that will showcase  their construction skills, work history and ratings as well as their geographical location. They are able to search and apply for jobs and even get paid-directly through the app.

In the Picture is Kenya Market Direct Aggrey Wangwe and a Contractor who got a job using the iBUILD app.

Apart from solving these simple job creation problems, iBUILD™ also has a wallet imbedded in the app that allows one to access and make payment via mobile money transfers to all the service providers. This ensures reliability, security of funds avoiding cash at hand within projects and most importantly helps the contractors to save on the cost of each transaction.

One of the greatest aspects of the platform would have to be the milestones that are trackable and attached also to payments. You are able to set milestones for your projects so that you can validate  project progress and then make payments  via the iBUILD wallet attached to the milestones achieved. In addition to this, while trying to look for service providers, you are able to check on their profiles and see other projects that they have worked on and also see reviews from previous customers. You are also able to rate your service provides and this is such a great addition as it provides transparency on top of the fact that the various professionals on the platform have to be registered by their various professional boards.

The opportunities in the industry with this platform are endless. Africa is ready for iBUILD and with 70% or more of the housing being self-built, this high tech solution is set to empower the world to build!

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