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Comland Ghana begins construction work on Appolonia Business Park

Ongoing works by Comland Ghana Limited at the Appolonia Business Park

Comland Ghana Limited, an industrial construction company, has commenced the construction of its state-of-the-art warehouse at the Appolonia Business Park.

Comland and Appolonia City signed a partnership agreement in 2018 to build a 650-sqm turnkey warehouse and office solution within the Appolonia Business Park.

The company aims to complete construction of the facility by mid-2019.

Comland has also purchased land at the park to construct other warehousing and industrial facilities for local and international manufacturing and logistics companies.

The Managing Director of Comland Ghana Limited, Mr Darren Spencer, said “we are experts in the provision of bespoke construction solutions for industrial, commercial and residential needs in Ghana and strongly believe that our warehouse at Appolonia Business Park will meet and surpass all the requirements of our clients,”

Bright Owusu-Amofa

The Chief Executive Office of Appolonia City, Mr Bright Owusu-Amofah, said that Appolonia Business Park offered clients a multi-sector business solution.

“Appolonia Business Park is suitable for a wide range of industries including but not limited to logistics and warehousing, food and beverage, automotive and agro-processing,” Owusu-Amofah said. “

Last year, the Association of Ghana Industries signed an agreement with Appolonia City to build an industrial park within the large-scale urban development, designated for use by some of Ghana’s leading manufacturing and industrial companies.

In addition to Comland, a number of local and international companies are developing facilities at the park, including Alusynco, Crownhouse Construction & Logistics, PUMA Energy and Total Ghana.

Appolonia Business Park is a 200-acre, modern industrial park with world-class infrastructure and estate management services.

The park is designed to accommodate a range of uses including manufacturing, processing, storage, logistics and service companies.

 About Comland Ghana Ltd

Comland Ghana Limited (CGL) is an industrial construction company incorporated in Ghana.

 CGL was born out of nearly 20 years of construction and management of major projects in multiple industries.

CGL specialises in the construction of warehousing and industrial space for local and international manufacturing and logistics companies.


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