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Kwahu: Herdsmen destroy 9 buildings days after Minister assures safety

Nomadic herdsmen have allegedly burnt down nine homes in the Kwahu East in the Eastern region as conflict with farmers rages on.
Hundreds have been reportedly displaced after the Wednesday night attack.
The attack comes days after the Regional Security Council (RESEC) assured the community their lives were safe.
On November 6, 2017, the RESEC Chairman and Eastern Regional Minister, Mr Eric Kwakye Darfour, along with security capos visited areas in Kwahu East affected by years of conflict over fodder for cattle and food for humans.
He met the Fulani community in Kwahu, chiefs, farmers and other stakeholders to further discuss the issue after attacks and reprisals left nine dead days before.
Gripped with fear, pupils students and teachers abandoned their schools in communities like Dwerebease, Oboyan and Mpaemu.
Kwahu East District Chief Executive, Mr Isaac Agyapong said a police platoon is to provide 24-hour security in the areas.
Kwahu East DCE Isaac Agyapong visits the destroyed areas
Eleven days after the assurance, nine mud houses have been torched. The displaced are seeking refuge and shelter with friends and extended family members.
"It has now turned into war," leader of the Kwahu Youth for Social Development, Solomon Tettey has said. He has remarked, alarmingly pointing out that the herdsmen will win if nothing is done about it.
"There is no way you can confront them and win. The kind of ammunition they have, we the citizens don’t have them", he said.
The herd graze under the security of armed men who are employed by influential members of society. Solomon Tettey said the economic returns of cattle rearing points to the involvement of big businessmen and politicians.
He said a cow cost averagely, ¢2,500. A herdsman could be in charge of 50. "Just do the calculations", he said, explaining ¢125,000 is not money which dirty-looking herdsmen would have.
"It tells you that the ordinary taxi driver, the ordinary doctor, the ordinary teacher cannot employ the herdsmen", he said.
Security in the Kwaku East district has been described as porous.
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