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The Probabilistic Risk Profile of Ghana indicates that the country loses 200 million dollars every year due to floods and droughts.

In technical terms, under the current climate, this is an Average Annual Loss, which is more than 200 million dollars.

Ms Katrina Mouakkid Soltesova, the Programme Management Officer of Risk Knowledge, United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) Regional Office for Africa, said on Monday.

She said projecting to a not so distant future in 2050, the potential Gross Domestic Product to be adversely affected by floods will increase more than five times.

Ms Soltesova was speaking at the opening of a five-day Regional Level Disaster Risk Reduction (DDR) workshop dubbed; 'Building Resilience of Natural Hazards in Sub-Saharan African Regions, Countries and Communities'.

It was initiated by the UNISDR, in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), and brought together Ghanaian experts from several ministries and agencies to discuss the Probabilistic Risk Profile (PRP) of Ghana in the face of floods and droughts.

The PRP was conducted by researchers from the CIMA Research Foundation in four African countries namely; Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, and Angola.

Ms Soltesova said examining specific results related to floods, the agricultural sector would see a loss of 20 million dollars per year, adding that, 'this is in absolute terms whereas in relative terms it is a loss of up to 0.3 per cent'.

'Still looking at flood related losses, the highest, in absolute terms, are predicted for the service sector - accounting for 35 million US dollars. It is followed closely by the housing and transportation sectors.'

She noted that some eight per cent of the population are potentially affected in the drought results under the present climate.

'In a future climate and taking into consideration socio-economic projections, the number of affected people could triple to reach 28 per cent of Ghana's population,' Ms. Soltesova said.

She said that equated to more than 10 million persons per year affected by drought, while potential losses to crops were estimated at 1.1 per cent at present climate conditions and 1.3 per cent under future climate.

Ms Soltesova said: 'Our focus, therefore, ought to be on disaster risk proofing of relevant public and private investments, both national and international.'

'Early findings of a DDR-sensitive analysis of Ghana's national budget indicates that public investment specifically aimed at reducing disaster risk amounts to an annual average of 118 million US dollars.'

'This is roughly two per cent of Ghana's national budget, an average for the period 2016 to 2018'.

Mr Eric Nana Agyeman-Prempeh, the Director General of NADMO, said the Organisation had not relented in its effort to manage disasters by coordinating government and non-government agencies to improve the livelihood of communities and their resilience to disasters.

'A global momentum is being built up in the area of DRR. We, therefore, need to work together to devise ways and means to mitigate the impact of disasters, ensure sustainable development and save the lives of people,' he said.

'Continuous collaboration of all stakeholders is required to build resilience to natural hazards'.

Ms Christine Evans-Klock, the United Nations Resident Coordinator, in a speech read on her behalf, said it would be appropriate to ensure that national budgets included the cost of advisory services and other disaster response measures based on information generated by the PRP and the disaster loss database.

She said making those provisions would enable the transition to a more holistic, better resourced approach to disaster risk reduction and building resilience.

'There is also a need to find ways to incorporate local knowledge into the risk profiling efforts, as well as to identify innovative ways of transferring knowledge to national and local stakeholders,' she said.

Ms Evans-Klock noted that it was also critical to ensure that investments are risk-informed and aligned with the fight against climate change.

source: Graphic.com.gh


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Ghana and Burkina Faso have signed a contract for transaction advisory services for the construction of the railway inter-connectivity project from Accra to Ouagadougou.

The railway project stretches from the port of Tema through Ho, Hohoe, Yendi, Tamale, to Paga at the Ghana-Burkina Faso border and extends from Dakola to Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso.

The signing of the contract paves the way for the consortium of transaction advisors, made up of Messrs Vision Consult Limited from Ghana and TEAM Engineering S.P.A from Italy, to provide technical support for the efficient execution of the project.

Among other things, the transaction advisors will lead the process to select three firms out of a list of 12 that have been shortlisted to execute the project on a build, operate and transfer (BOT) basis.


At the signing ceremony in Accra yesterday, the Minister of Railways Development, Mr Joe Ghartey, the Burkinabe Ambassador to Ghana, Pingrenoma Zagre, and the transaction advisors signed for their respective entities.

The Italian Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Giovanni Favilli, the Deputy Minister of Railways Development, Mr Andy Appiah-Kubi, and members of the joint committee of experts set up by the two countries for the railway project, were present at the signing ceremony.

Transaction advisors

Mr Ghartey said the transaction advisors were required to review feasibility studies on the project and also facilitate the procurement processes to ensure that construction work began by the end of 2019.

He added that the transaction advisors would also give expert opinion on the BOT regime, as well as recommendations, on the cost component of the project.

Mr Ghartey urged the transaction advisors to be diligent in taking the 12 selected companies through the next stage of the procurement process, which was the issuance of the request for qualification document from the companies for further evaluation.

"We expect that the issuance of the request for qualification documents will be done by the transaction advisor, in collaboration with the joint technical committee set up by the two countries within the next two weeks from the signing of this contract today," he said.

New dawn

Mr Ghartey described the project as a historic move by the two West African countries to consolidate trade and transportation links between them.

"By the signing of this contract, a new dawn breaks; a dawn that will totally transform Ghana, Burkina Faso and indeed Africa; a dawn that will take us to the next level of independence; a dawn that will give us economic independence," he said.

For his part, the Burkinabe Ambassador commended the Presidents of the two countries for showing exemplary leadership and commitment to break trade barriers and improve the transport system for their respective citizens.

Mr Zagre said the construction of the railway line would not only facilitate regional integration, but also create more jobs and boost economic activities in the two countries.

"Our people are waiting to hear the sound of the trains moving people and goods. We urge the transaction advisors to work diligently to ensure that the work meets technical specifications that conform with international standards," he said.

He also urged the transaction advisors to be prudent in undertaking the monitoring and evaluation aspects of the project and the other contractual requirements.

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The idea of constructing the Ghana-Burkina Faso railway line was discussed between President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his Burkinabe counterpart, President Roc Marc Christian Kabore, when the former visited the latter in May 2017.

The objective for the project is to facilitate improved trade between the two countries and accelerate economic growth in both countries, as well as deepen integration between them.

A joint technical committee of experts from the two countries was constituted in January this year for its implementation.

The committee of experts recommended that the Accra-Tema-Ougadougou railway be constructed on a BOT basis.

The committee also recommended that a transaction advisor ought to be contracted to assist the two governments to review existing feasibility studies and undertake further studies, including survey works.

Subsequent to the agreement between the two countries, the Ministry of Railways Development went through procurement procedures and got approval to engage the service of the transaction advisors for the project.

The joint committee met again in Ougadougou in April this year and agreed to jointly publish expression of interest advertisement for private sector investors to partner the two governments in the execution of the project.

Following that publication, 16 firms expressed interest to undertake the project on a BOT basis.

The expression of interest proposals was jointly opened in Accra on May 28 this year, where the joint committee evaluated the documents and shortlisted 12 for the next stage.

source:  Graphic.com.gh

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Contrary to earlier claims by government that it was not going to fund or spend tax payers’ money on the construction of the National Cathedral, it has now emerged that the state will provide the seed money for the project.


There was disagreement in the country when government announced plans to build the national non-denominational Christian worship centre.

Some citizens accused government of having misplaced priorities and wasting the taxpayers’ money.


Deputy Minister Information, Pius Hadzide, had clarified that, the entire cost of the project, as well as the temporary accommodation for the affected persons, would be taken care of by private institutions and individuals.

“It is not correct that the state was going to be wasting public resources on building that cathedral. Building of that cathedral will primarily be funded by voluntary contributions from the Christian community, philanthropists and with grants from development partners, he said.

But it appears the government has now backtracked on its position. This is because; Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta, whiles delivering the 2019 budget statement in Parliament on Thursday, disclosed that government is among other things providing the seed capital for the construction.

He however failed to mention how much government will commit as seed money to the project.

“The state is facilitating this process by providing the land, the Secretariat, and seed money for the preparatory phase.”

“This National Cathedral partnership framework operationalizes, and indeed is a practical expression, of the social partnership envisaged to foster participatory development of the country as our collective goal,” he added.

Gov’t to launch fundraiser for National Cathedral project

Government is also to hold a fundraiser to enable it accumulate more money for the construction of the National Cathedral.

The move, according to government is to take away any toll the project will have on the country’s finances.

The fundraisers will be organized in Ghana and the United States of America in December 2018 and February 2019 respectively.

Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori Atta said this when he presented government’s 2019 Budget Statement and Economic Policy.

“The President is determined that the building of the National Cathedral would not put undue financial burdens on the state. He has therefore proposed a partnership between the State and the Ghanaian Christian community both at home and in the Diaspora”.


“The formal launch of this national fundraising campaign is slated for December 28, 2018 in Ghana, and February 2019 in the United States, he stated.



The Akufo-Addo administration envisions the National Cathedral to serve as a national non-denominational Christian worship centre for the country.

President Nana Akufo-Addo cut the sod for the construction of the national cathedral on March 6, 2017, as part of events that marked Ghana’s 60th-anniversary celebration. The government is to provide 14-acres of public land for the project while the Christian community and individuals are to fund the construction.

Reception towards the cathedral from Ghanaians has been mixed. Whilst it has been generally well received by various leaders in the Christian community, the government faced some criticism over its priorities.

President Nana Akufo-Addo is keen on making the cathedral one of his government’s legacies and he has described it as “a priority among priorities.”

National Cathedral misplaced priority, we’ll campaign against it – TUC

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has described the government’s plan to construct a National Cathedral as a misplaced priority.

It has also vowed to rally the support of Ghanaians to campaign against the construction of the cathedral.

“We would like to appeal to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to shelve this plan otherwise we will invite all Ghanaians to join us to campaign vehemently against this misplaced priority and to protect the national purse,” TUC said,

In a statement copied to citinewsroom.com, it indicated that it will continue to support initiatives of the government that seeks to enhance social and economic development but cannot support the construction of a national cathedral.

source: Citinewsroom.com

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As part of efforts to boost housing supply and strengthen coastal protection, Government will continue to work on several housing projects.

Mr Ken Ofori-Atta, Finance Minister said the Government would continue to work on projects such as the Saglemi Housing Project, where 4,100 of 5,000 homes would be completed in 2019, and the Cape Coast, Anomabo and Anyanui-Keta coastal protection works.

He said the Government Affordable Housing Project at Asokore-Mampong for 1,030 housing units was 90 per cent complete.

Mr Ofori-Atta stated this in his presentation of the 2019 Budget Statement and Financial Policy of the Government to Parliament on Thursday.

He noted that as announced in the 2018 Budget Statement, work had been completed for the start of the pilot phase of the Mortgage and Housing Finance Market Scheme in November 2018.

He said an amount of GH¢40 million had been released for the pilot phase, which would leverage additional private sector funds of GH¢40 million from pensions, insurance and collective investment schemes through selected commercial banks.

He said a vibrant mortgage and housing finance ecosystem was key for social equity, economic development and job creation.

Mr Ofori-Atta said to scale up this initiative in 2019, Government had committed to a one billion Ghana cedis mortgage and housing finance fund, which would be seeded with a minimum of GH¢100 million every fiscal year over the next five years.

'This effort will support the private sector in expanding access to housing and deepen the local mortgage and construction finance market,' he said.

'The focus on fixing the financial system to support home-ownership by large segment of the populace is critical in government effort to enter into a social compact with labour.'

The Minister said the Government, through State Housing Corporation (SHC), was looking to partner with private sector developers to deliver housing across the country in every region and to complete all the uncompleted housing projects.

He said by encouraging the delivery of more homes under a variety of demand driven initiatives such as lower mortgage interest rates, rent-to-own schemes, dedicated income deductions for home ownership, and lowering the cost of home delivery, 'we could create a housing market that works for everyone, meeting the diverse housing needs of the country.'

Mr Ofori-Atta said a total of 50 units of townhouses and 24 units of flats at Roman Ridge would be completed by the end of the year for public and civil servants under the redevelopment programme.

He said starting from 2019 and over the medium-term, about 200,000 housing units of various types would commence in all the regional capitals of the country towards reducing the national housing deficit.

'To mitigate accommodation and housing deficit in the Military, the Government continued the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) Housing Projects at various Garrisons in Accra, Tema, Ho, Tamale and Sekondi Takoradi, and expects completion in 2019,' he said.

'The first phase of the four 16 units Housing Projects under the Barracks Regeneration Project will be completed and commissioned before the end of this year, and the second phase will commence in 2019.'

Mr Ofori-Atta said the second phase of the Security Agencies Housing Project, comprising 368 housing units for the Ghana Navy, had been completed.

He said the Phase III comprising 320 housing units for the Ghana Police Service had commenced and would continue in 2019.

source: GNA

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The government of Ghana has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with South African firm Africa Investment (AI) to construct the Accra Sky Train project at a whopping cost of US $3bn.

Ghana’s Railways Development Minister Mr. Joe Gharte, confirmed the reports and said the Sky Train Project was the solution to the increasing traffic congestion in Accra. He further explained that US $3bn deal signed would last 9 months.

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Feasibility study

Ai SkyTrain Consortium would do a feasibility test of the project after which a concessionary agreement would be given for approval to the Cabinet and Parliament in 45 days.

“This will then pave way for the commencement of construction by January 2020,” said Ghartey added.

“There is confidence in the project. The promoters, Ai SkyTrain consortium are very serious, and that is why we invited the President, himself, to witness the signing. This should assure the investors that the government is solidly behind it. The economics of this project are also good. We are very excited about the prospects,” added Mr. Joe Gharte.

Accra’s public transport system

The SkyTrain is expected improve Accra’s public transport system through an elevated light railway system which would provide low cost transport to it citizens. According to World Bank , Ghana requires at least US $2bn per annum over the next decade to fill the infrastructure gap that exists.

“We are exceptionally excited also by the fact that a lot of the construction works will be done in Ghana. It will create a lot of jobs in Ghana, because the fabrication and construction will all be done in Ghana,” said the Minister.

President Akufo-Addo, stated that the projects sets a good example of intra-Africa co-operation. “In this case it is Ghana and South Africa co-operation, meeting together to deal with the problem of urbanization.”

source: constructionreviewonline.com

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About three years ago, the Volta Regional Minister then, Madam Helen Adjoa Ntoso, while on a programme to Keta on the Ho-Denu-Aflao road, felt the nuisance of unauthorised high speed humps.

The situation caused discomfort to all the drivers and passengers in vehicles in the convoy, thus, she immediately ordered their removal.

Her orders were carried out by the police, military and officials of the Ghana Highways Authority (GHA). 

Similarly, on the Adidome-Sogakope road, the minister again ordered the removal of deadly speed humps, which was carried out by the military.

Then, the speed humps were just a few in some communities on that road.

Today, the story of illegal speed humps on the Ho-Denu-Aflao road has even become worse, with various communities along the highway mounting them to check vehicular speed on one of the Volta Region’s busiest trade routes.

From Wumenu, through Agotime to the Ave communities, unauthorised speed humps are the most common features motorists encounter on the road as every community mounts one to prevent speeding.

Even at curves in roads, communities mount speed humps made of wood, sand and stones, with no recourse to the laws guiding road safety.


Many vehicles, especially saloon cars find it difficult scaling the ‘Afadjato hump’ as they drive.

It is possible to count not less than 50 illegal humps on the road.

The poor nature of the roads riddled with potholes, coupled with the unauthorised speed humps, has made journeying on the road longer than the usual one and a half hour needed.

The unauthorised speed humps is not found are only the Ho-Aflao road.

On all the major roads in the region, these illegal humps have been mounted by community members who feel threatened by careless driving.

Although these humps are constructed with the good intention of preventing speeding and the throwing up of dust into the air as vehicles speed past, the issue has become a matter of concern calling for urgent attention. 

There have been several complaints by road users concerning these speed humps on major roads constructed without recourse to specification and resulting in negative impact on the vehicles, drivers and passengers. 

Some complaints include the frequent puncturing of tyres, increase in time spent getting to destinations, stress and bodily pains and environmental pollution.

Some people have lost their lives as a result of these unauthorised humps. 

A recent case was the death of three civilian employees of the military attached to the Supreme Canons Band of the 66 Artillery Regiment, Volta Barracks in Ho.

Reports indicate that the vehicle in which they were travelling hit an illegal speed hump and burst a tyre causing the vehicle to veer off the road and fall into a ditch.

Humps and ambulances

The former regional administrator of the Ghana Ambulance Service (GAS) explained to the Daily Graphic that the speed humps affected their response time in assisting patients in emergencies.

“The speed humps are necessary where they are needed, but those especially on the highway should be cleared to save lives and properties,” he stated.

Despite the menace of these humps on the road, the perpetrators are not entirely to be blamed according to Mr Komla Ganyo, the proprietor of the New Age Driving School, who is on a one-man crusade for the GHA to clear unofficial humps and erect official ones to protect lives in these communities.

He explained that most of the authorised speed humps on the roads have been eroded and for that matter did not deter speeding drivers from slowing down when they reach towns.

This has led to the death of many innocent people in communities along the highways.


It came to light during a visit to Taviefe-Avenya on the Taviefe-Matse-Dzolo road that the youth of the community had taken the law into their own hands to erect three huge speed humps, 100 metres apart following the death of a three and half year old boy on September 10, 2018.

According to an aunt of the deceased, Madam Genevieve Hiagbe, her nephew was about the sixth victim in two years to have been killed by a speeding vehicle just after burying her grandfather, who also suffered a similar fate.

According to the stool father of the Mankrado for Taviefe, Kwame Hiagbe, the Ho Municipal Chief Executive and the Regional Director of Highways have been contacted and both had given an assurance that official humps would be erected to decrease speeding on the road. 

“Until they come to our aid, we will not remove the humps we created because our lives are equally precious,” he said.

Members of another community, Matse, on the same stretch, also lamented the record of six deaths as a result of speeding vehicles. In Matse itself, there are official rumble strips but they appeared to have been worn out.

As a result of that, the residents of the community have created an unauthorised hump on the rumble strips. 


Mr Ganyo said he believed that the GHA had failed to up their game in fixing eroded speed humps, and road markings, as well as erecting some where necessary, resulting in the numerous and unauthorised speed humps on every highway.

Responding to the issues of illegal humps in the region, the Volta Regional Director of the GHA, Mr Philip Agbati, said 25 new locations for speed tables have been identified on the Taviefe-Matse-Dzolokpuita road, adding that currently about 30 of those projects were ongoing on the Ho-Denu-Aflao road.

He, however, disagreed with a suggestion that the rumble strips on the Matse road had worn out, explaining that it was speeding drivers who did not feel the impact.

Together with the police and the Regional Road Safety Commission the authority, he said, would educate drivers and community members on the need to remove the illegal speed humps.

source:  Mary Anane-Amponsah

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Esteemed Ghanaian real estate developer, Devtraco Plus, has been recognised with the prestigious Residential Developer of the Year award for 2018 at the recently held Real Estate Developers’ (RED) Awards at the Kempinski Hotel, Gold Coast City, Accra.

This award is to recognise Devtraco Plus’ phenomenal contribution to the growth of the real estate industry in Ghana. Devtraco Plus, which is a member of the 25-year-old Devtraco Group, has been at the forefront of many award-winning luxurious developments within the city of Accra notably in Cantonments, Labone, Airport Residential Area, Dzorwulu, and most recently, Roman Ridge.

The event, which took place recently, was set to reward various players within the real estate industry for their hard work and diverse contributions to the growth and development of the industry. The luxury real estate firm competed against some of the top names in the industry, and beat them all to win this highly coveted award – Developer of the Year with the NoVA apartments.

Designed to be a one of a kind innovative architectural masterpiece, NoVA, which is situated at Roman Ridge, comprises retail areas, residential units as well as serviced apartments which are to be managed by an international hotel brand. Some of Devtraco Plus’ other award-winning developments are Acasia (townhomes and apartments) at Cantonments, The Edge (apartments) at Labone and most recently, NoVA at Roman Ridge.

Devtraco Plus has once again etched its name firmly among the leaders of Ghanaian luxury real estate with this major achievement after sweeping multiple awards at the Dubai, Africa & Arabia Property Awards of the International Property Awards recently.

To book a private tour to view our developments, please call (233) 270 000 004

Source: Devtracoplus Ltd

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The Minister for Roads and Highways, Mr. Kwasi Amoako Atta has cut the sod to commence construction of the Axim town roads in the Nzema East Municipality of the Western Region.

The total length of road to be covered is 5.8km of asphaltic overlay.

The GHc12 million road infrastructure forms part of government's efforts to improve road networks in the country and also to make the various principal streets attractive.

The total length of road to be covered is 5.8km of asphaltic overlay.

The GHc12 million road infrastructure forms part of NPP government efforts to improve road networks in the country motorable and also to make the various principal streets attractive.

It would be recalled that during this year's Kundum festival celebration by the Chiefs and people of Axim, President Akufo-Addo who was the special of guest of honour assured his commitment of asphalting the township roads of the area.

The 5.8km Axim Town roads will be constructed by Justmoh Construction Limited and supervised by the Department of Urban Roads.

Speaking at the sod-cutting ceremony as part of his tour to the Region on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at Axim Victoria Park, the Roads Minister, Mr. Amoako Atta expressed his profound appreciation to the good people of Nzema East Municipality for overwhelming support given to the NPP government for this project to be seen the light of the day.

He also thanked the Member of Parliament of the area, Mrs. Catherine Afeku for supporting the government for this project and charged the people to rally behind her.

He revealed that President Akufo-Addo directed him construct the Axim township roads immediately the President returned from the Kundum festival in August 2018.

"I was called by President Akufo-Addo after the climax of Axim Kundum festival to construct the Axim township roads and I am here in the name of President Akufo-Addo to perform his function", he revealed.

According to him, the project begins immediately and is expected to be completed in twelve (12) months.

He added that the NPP government is committed to the development of the people of Nzema East Municipality and therefore called on them to rally behind President Akufo-Addo and also pray hard for him.

He urged the people to embrace the project and support the contractor to complete the work on schedule.

He revealed that contractor is one of the best contractors in Ghana and therefore urged the people to cooperate with the contractor.

He also urged the contractor and the engineers to respect the people and listen to their observations.

The Roads Minister stated that government will not compromise on quality and value for money concerning the execution of all road projects in the country.

"We will do quality works for the people and I call on this contractor to be God-fearing and honest with the people to do quality work and I want to state it here that the NPP government will not spare any contractor who will do a shoddy work on our roads, such contractor will be punished", he opined.

He also acknowledged the impact of heavy rains in Western Region on the execution of the road project.

He however assured the people that the Ministry will create a strategic plan to overcome this impediment.

He, therefore, assured the people that his ministry would be monitoring the construction on time.

According to him, 78,000km is the total road measurement and half of it is feeder road and we a lot to do as a country.

The Roads Minister who is also Member of Parliament for Atiwa Constituency used the occasion to promise the Municipality to construct the Nsien Senior High School (SHS) internal roads to make teaching and learning at the school very attractive.

On his part, the Western Regional Minister, Dr. Kwaku Afriyie appealed to the Roads Minister to construct the roads in the Region to make movement of goods and people very easy.

He said the roads in the Region are very bad and do not speak well for the area.

He added that Region is blessed with natural resources but the roads in the area are nothing to ride home about.

"Our major challenge is road network. Roads are better than Hospitals, if we construct in the Region, we do it for Ghana as a whole", he saddened.

The Member of Parliament for the area who doubles as the Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Mrs. Catherine Abelema Afeku thanked President Akufo-Addo for listening to their calls to construct the Axim township roads.

She revealed that since 1957 no government has developed the area than the NPP government and that the project when completed will face-lift the image of the late Paa Grant who was the founder of UGCC/UP traditions.


"This Axim township roads that you see here was first started by former President John Agyekum Kufuor in 2007 and unfortunately we lost power to the NDC and for good eight years they abandoned it and we thank God the NPP we come to power to complete it, let us all support President Akufo-Addo", she revealed.

Madam Afeku used the opportunity to reassured the good people of the Nzema East Municipality that, the Akufo-Addo led government is keen on infrastructure development which will lead to economic and social development as well.

She added "The projects we are currently undertaking in the Nzema East Municipality are just a tip of the iceberg, there are more projects intended to be started and completed soon within the Municipality. This is a sign that, the Akufo-Addo led administration is more of an action and vision driven one than some other administrations we have witnessed in the past".

She used the occasion to express her profound gratitude to President Akufo-Addo for always thinking about her area and called on her constituents to rally behind the NPP government.

She also entreated all Ghanaians to unite and continue to support His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo for the great work he is doing for this lovely nation.

"Let us rally behind President Akufo-Addo and his government and also pray hard for President Akufo-Addo for wisdom and long life and develop our area", she pleaded

She used the occasion to express her profound gratitude to President Akufo-Addo for always thinking about her area and called on her constituents to rally behind the NPP government.

"Let us rally behind President Akufo-Addo and his government and also pray hard for President Akufo-Addo for wisdom and long life and develop our area", she pleaded.

She, therefore, used the occasion to appeal to President Akufo-Addo to construct a Landing Beach for the Chiefs and people of Axim.

She called on the Roads Minister as part of his tour to the Region to seize the opportunity to inspect the bad nature of Simpa Junction to Gwira Aiyinasi-Wiawso road.


She seized the opportunity to appeal to the contractor to engage the local people in the labour work.

She promised to collaborate with the contractor to ensure speedy pace of the project.

The colourful ceremony brought the scores of people from the three Constituencies within the Nzemaland and other places to grace it and ended in a peaceful manner.

The Minister for Roads and Highways was accompanied by some staff of the Ministry, Western Regional Minister, Dr. Kwaku Afriyie, Member of Parliament for Tarkwa-Nsuaem Constituency, Hon. George Mireku Duker, NPP Western Regional Chairman, Mr. Francis Ndede Siah, the media among others.

Source: Daniel Kaku

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The Greater Accra Region appears to be the biggest beneficiary of the One District, One Factory initiative as it currently has 22 projects at various stages of implementation.


This figure is almost double as the second and fourth largest beneficiaries of the project, according to figures presented by the Trades and Industry Minister, Alan Kyerematen, in Parliament.


The Eastern Region has 14 projects underway, while the Ashanti Region has 13 projects.

There are 13 projects in the Brong Ahafo Region, whiles the Volta Region, Western Region, and Upper West have one factory each. The Northern and Central Regions have six and eight respectively.

The only region with no project currently underway is the Upper East Region.

This prompted complaints from some Minority MPs with the MP for Bole Bamboi, Yusif Sulemana saying “we want to find out if Upper East region has done something wrong.”

Mr. Kyerematen explained that the “the selection of projects is based on the expression of interest of business promoters and the private sector.

But he said in cases where it is clear that no interest has been established in a particular district, government proposes to play an interventionist role.”


“Even in the unlikely event that no business promoter shows up to establish an interest in Upper East, the government will intervene directly,” the minister added.

Some 35 other projects are going through further credit appraisals by the Ministry’s technical team.

Three hundred and twenty-nine (329) proposals for the construction of factories under the programme were successfully screened by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The Ministry had received over 700 proposals for projects.

The One District, One Factory is expected to facilitate the creation of between 7,000 to 15,000 jobs per district, and between 1.5 million and 3.2 million nationwide by end of 2021.


source: Citinewsroom.com

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Kotoka International Airport’s Terminal One will soon be used for the servicing of private jets, the Managing Director of the Ghana Airports Company has said.

John Attafuah says the Ghana Airports Company has issued a license for a fixed based operator who may be commencing operations in 2019 after some renovations at terminal one.

“We are going to turn terminal one into a fixed based operation where will give it out to a private operator who will service private jets. 

We hope that when we do that we will be able to attract private jets from neighbouring countries. Those who own private jets may come and even use here as their base and we can earn some income from there.” Mr Attafuah said.


The move comes as activities of the domestic airlines have been moved to terminal two following the completion of the new terminal three for international travels.

The name of the private fixed base operator is however yet to be disclosed.

source: Myjoyonline.com

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A middle-aged woman is feared dead after a KIA truck knocked her down at Fire Stone on the Madina – Adenta – Aburi Highway.

Eyewitnesses say they live in fear of being knocked down any time on the highway due to the absence of footbridges to ensure safe movement of pedestrians from one side to the other on the highway.

Last Friday, there was some chaos on the Adenta-Oyarifa road when angry residents of Adenta Barrier staged a demonstration to demand the construction of footbridges on the road.

The protest was sparked after a 33-year-old woman was killed in a hit-and-run incident that same evening.

Nine soldiers from the patrol team in charge of Madina Adenta were deployed to restore calm in the area.

But after they left, the angry residents re-mobilized and placed tyres, gallons and cement blocks on the road.

According to them, such deaths have become a common occurrence due to the absence of footbridges.

There was a similar protest on the Tarkwa-Takoradi road in the Western Region where the road was blocked for over five hours by angry residents of Bonsar on Thursday evening.

More than 190 deaths have reportedly occurred on the highway as pedestrians are forced to compete with speeding drivers to be able to cross to the other side of the road.

The situation is worsened by the non-existence of functioning street lights along the highway, making visibility difficult.

Also, some of the traffic lights along the road appear faulty, allowing drivers to speed without recourse to pedestrians.


source: citinewsroom.com

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