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The government of Rwanda is set to invest US $13m in construction of new primary and secondary school classrooms, latrines and washrooms among other school facilities.


Rose Baguma, the Director General of Education and Planning in the Ministry of Education announced the reports and said the moves comes after the Ministry of Finance increased the budget for the education sector.The investment is aimed to decongest schools and significantly reduce the distance that the students, especially in rural Rwanda, travel to school. Under the plan, the Government will construct 1,100 classrooms and over 1,000 toilets, increasing the ability of students and teachers to access school facilities.


“This is part of the Government’s campaign to uplift academic standards all over the country. This will ensure that no student travels more than 2km looking for a school,” said Rose Baguma.


The Director General acknowledged that the government”s previous efforts towards uplifiting in education sector. In the 2016/2017 fiscal year, some 416 classrooms and 470 latrines were constructed. The number rose to 1,043 classrooms and 1,344 latrines in the following year before further rising to 1776 classrooms and 1452 latrines in 2018/2019.


Baguma also disclosed that that the World Bank has committed US $200m to the education sector this year. Part of the funding is projected to add some 27,000 extra new classrooms and 3,600 toilets, and therefore bringing the total number of new classrooms to 38,000.


“About 70 % of the project will go towards school infrastructure such as increasing the number of classrooms, equipping them and reducing the number of students so as to decongest classrooms,” said Rose Baguma.



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Zambia is set to receive US $9m from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to finance construction of Zambian hotel and conference centre situated on the outskirts of Lusaka.


IFC Southern Africa director Kevin Njirani announced the reports and said that the hospitality sector could create jobs, generate tax revenues for governments and bring business to entrepreneurs in emerging economies like Zambia.The project is being constructed by Protea Hotels Zambia. It is part of the IFC’s wide-ranging support to Zambia’s private sector. Overall, the IFC has invested close to $100-million in the country’s economy, in critical sectors like manufacturing, banking, hospitality and agriculture.


“IFC’s investment and advisory services to the Protea Hotel will help build new business infrastructure and conference facilities for investors, as well as integrate the hospitality value chain in Zambia,” said Kevin Njirani.


The development will feature 249 rooms and a large, multipurpose event venue for up to 2 500 people. The building will incorporate industry green building standards, leveraging IFC’s Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) tool. EDGE helps property developers optimise building designs to maximise energy and water efficiencies that can save money while conserving resources.


Upon completion, the hotel is expected to employ around 300 people and will source many of its goods and services locally from Zambian businesses, while being managed under a Protea Hotels by Marriott franchise agreement, training local hospitality staff in global best practices on hospitality. The total project cost of the development is US $30m.



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Egypt  through the french energy company, Voltalia has launched the construction of the Râ 32 MW solar power plant within the world’s largest solar complex.

Voltalia, an international player in renewable energies, announces the beginning of the construction of Râ Solar, its first solar power plant in Africa which will be located in Ben Ban complex, in the Aswan region (Upper Egypt).


The Râ solar power plant

As part of their participation to the Africa Investments Forum in Paris, the company said the project is set to benefit from a 25-year power sales contract with the state-owned Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (“EETC”), which will come into effect starting from the commissioning of the plant, scheduled for H2 2019.

The Râ Solar will be equipped with 93,150 Suntech photovoltaic panels of a 345 W unit capacity mounted on a single axis with trackers and, at peak, around 150 people will be working on the construction site.

Benban solar PV complex

With a 1.8 GW capacity, the Benban solar PV complex is the world’s largest solar cluster.It is a part of Egypt’s Nubian Suns Feed-in Tariff program, which is a major initiative aimed at influencing private sector capital and expertise, to support the goal of generating 20% electricity from renewable resources by the year 2022.

It will contribute to achieve the 2 GW target of solar installed capacity set by Egypt within the scope of the Paris Agreement in 2015. In addition, the overall Benban cluster is expected to avoid 2 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year while improving access to an affordable and clean energy in Egypt.

Phase one of the solar project and the country’s first largescale photovoltaic power plant was inaugurated in March last year. It consists of 200,000 solar panels and 780 sun trackers that allow the panels to move relative to the suns position throughout the day enabling maximum efficiency of the facility. Developed by German Ib Vogt and Infinity Solar Systems, a local company the plant began its operation/ supplying the national grid in December producing an output of 64.1mwp.

Voltalia is currently developing many projects in Africa. In Egypt, the Group has announced its ambition to develop a 800 MW portfolio in the next 5 to 8 years, for its own account and for third-party clients.


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The government of Malawi has broke grounds for the the commencement of the construction of the road from Thyolo Boma to Khonjeni in Thyolo Central Constituency.

The ceremony was held at the junction to Khonjeni Road just after Thyolo Boma and was graced by the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Mr. Ben Malunga Phiri, Thyolo Thava MP Mary Thom Navicha and Traditional Authority (TA) Mchilamwera who was accompanied by his Senior Chief Kapichi.

Corporation will construct the 6KM project and will be completed by April 2020. Construction cost of the road is US $1.2m. Minister Phiri while addressing residents in the ceremony said that the government will strictly stick to the dateline agreed upon with the contractor.

“Please be patient, a road construction is a very complex process but it will be done as promised to to by your President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika,” said Mr. Phiri.

On her part, Navicha said that upon completion, the road is projected to will boost businesses and create job opportunities for residents along the route.

“This area is a business hub in as far as transportation for agricultural products such as peas, potatoes, cassava, sugarcane and bananas is concerned. It was a headache for farmers especially in rainy season but once completed we will be at peace,” said MP Mary Navicha

One of the social amenities that Phiri provided for Khonjeni are enhancement of Khonjeni health centre through an ambulance, solar electricity, building extra primary school blocks, bridges and also the provision of a youth resource centre.
The Minister further affirmed that the pledge of a stadium will also be fulfilled, saying the construction was waiting for the demolishing of houses that that were around the land in order to relocate those people who were in the houses.

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Southi Africa is set to construct the first plastic road in Africa in Kouga Municipality in the Eastern Cape, with an aim of solving waste plastic epidemic.


Horatio Hendricks, Mayor of Kouga Municipality announced the reports and said that local civil engineering and construction companies SP Excel holdings (PTY) and Scribante Construction would partner with Scottish firm MacRebur, a plastic road company to construct a 1km stretch road as a trial run in the coastal town.


“We are determined to help solve the waste plastic epidemic and the poor quality of roads we drive on around the world today. MacReburs’ innovative solution comprises of processing waste plastics destined for landfill or incineration and adding them into asphalt for road construction and surfacing to extend and enhance the bitumen (fossil fuel) binder,” said Mayor Hendricks

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The following are top road construction companies in Nigeria


Setraco Nigeria Limited

Setraco Nigeria Limited is a leading engineering construction company with over 35 years working experience in delivering value-added civil and infrastructural projects. With projects executed successfully in over 20 states, and current presence in 15 states, Setraco has played a key role in developing Nigeria’s infrastructure.


Setraco was established in 1977 and started by constructing township and district roads in what was then Bendel State. Over the last thirty years the Company has rapidly grown to become one of the largest construction companies in Nigeria specialized in roads and bridges. With a presence today in around 20 states; Setraco has played a key role in developing Nigeria’s infrastructure as the Country strives towards becoming a developed nation.

The Company is also technically partnering with a number of leading design and consulting firms across the globe, which enables us to present our clients with cutting edge solutions for their needs.


Our projects involve the construction of asphaltic and surface dressed roads, the expansion and rehabilitation of existing roads, infrastructure projects and airport runways in various States across Nigeria.



Established in 1988, Hitech is currently one of the leading Building & Civil Engineering Contractors in Nigeria. In addition to headquarters offices in Lagos, we have regional offices located in Abuja, Ibadan and Benin City.


The combination of on-site professional management and office-based engineering, design and planning staff, equipped with advanced computerized facilities, has enabled Hitech to maintain itself in the forefront of Construction and Engineering Technology in Nigeria.


Innovate and introduce proven developments in design and planning staff, equipped with advanced computerized facilities, has enabled Hitech to maintain itself in the forefront of Construction and Engineering Technology in Nigeria.

Hitech is able to undertake a multitude of Civil Engineering/Building Projects and have adequate facilities for the construction of:


Roadworks, Bridges, Drainage & Concrete Structures


Land Reclamation, River Canalization & Dredging


Dams, Water Supply, Irrigation Schemes & Marine Installations


Airport runways and infrastructure


P.W. Nigeria Ltd

Originally founded in 1948 in Ireland, and later began operations in Nigeria in 1974, P.W. Nigeria Ltd. has now over 45 years of experience working in Nigeria, and throughout the West Africa region.


P.W. Nigeria Ltd. has an extensive modern fleet of construction equipment and a team of highly trained and professional staff. It is highly committed to the continued development of Nigeria. We boast a diverse portfolio comprising mining, earth moving, roads and bridges, airport runways, infrastructure development, water supply & sewage. These projects have not only helped grow local economies, but also improved the quality of life for the communities and people in the region.


The company has an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience and customer commitment coupled with sound financial backing which elevates us as your number one partner in Nigeria and West Africa.


Efficacy Construction Company

Efficacy Construction Company is a Lagos Nigerian based Building Construction, Civil Engineering and Project Management Company that specializes in all Building Construction, Civil Engineering and Project Management Works.


Over the years, we have emerged to be a formidable and enviable construction firm in the Nigeria property development and real estate sphere.


Through its productive journey of over ten years, the company has relentlessly grown to be committed to meeting and satisfying one of the most fundamental desires on the hierarchy of human needs.


The company emerged amidst the storm of 2009 economic recession, maiden with sales of landed properties to friends and families, and is still standing firm with both foot on ground amidst the tide of the current economic situation in Nigeria.


Efficacy Construction Company cover numerous applications for large-scale civil engineering and infrastructure projects because of their high value proposition and high level of expertise.


The civil engineering and infrastructure markets offer very significant growth prospects, given the rapid development of urbanization and the difficulties surrounding access to comfortable environment experienced by a large part of the world’s population, especially in emerging countries like Nigeria.


ECC provides a wide range of specific solutions for these markets: structurally sound buildings and tremendous view for major architectural projects; and reinforcement grid for transportation infrastructure.


Sapient Vendors Ltd

Sapient Vendors Ltd has an exceptional track records over the past 10 years of providing practical engineering solutions to construction projects across diverse industries. This has positioned them as one of the top 100 fastest growing SMEs in Nigeria and one of the fastest growing and innovative companies in Africa.


Sapient offer engineering services for all types of roadway projects including major interstate facilities, state and county roads, intersection/ interchange improvements, and resurfacing/ rehabilitation. We use an interdisciplinary team approach to provide a quality product that is delivered on time and within the budget.


The company offers road construction services that help client understand the behavior of road materials in relation to expected loads and deterioration mechanisms. They have the experience and expertise to test and assess the performance and durability of road materials and products.


Dantata&Sawoe is a leading construction company in Nigeria with over 40 years working experience in delivering value-added civil and infrastructural projects in Nigeria. Over the years the company has constructed several hundred kilometers of highways and township roads and dozens of bridges and flyovers.


Dantata&Sawoe specializes at accomplishing complex projects that require the highest level of technical proficiency. They have become a trusted construction company to their esteemed clients and in the Nigerian business sector which has in return positively affected the construction industry through their innovative and quality services deliverance.


Source: constructionreviewonline.com

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The Maputo–Katembe Bridge in Mozambique, Africa’s longest suspension bridge that cost whopping US $750m has officially been opened to traffic.


Financed by China and built by China Road and Bridge Corporation, the project began in June 2014. The entire structure is nearly 3km long, comprising a kilometre-long ramp on either side of a 680-metre span over Maputo Bay, which opens onto the Indian Ocean.


Its presence will connect Maputo on the northern bank and Katembe on the southern bank. The bridge also plays a vital role in connecting South Africa to Mozambique reducing travel time from 6 hours to 90 minutes between Maputo to Kosi Bay – KwaZulu-Natal’s east coast border post.

The Maputo–Katembe Bridge

The project also includes 200 kilometers of roads and five smaller bridges between Maputo and Ponta do Ouro, in the south of the country, close to the South African border. The project however faced a number challenges during construction process.


In 1989, a proposal of the bridges was drafted as part of the urbanization policy. The World Bank endorsed it but the project was later shelved after years of unrest in the country. In 2010, José Sócrates, the then Portuguese Prime Minister offered to fund the project.


The China Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) took over the construction as a loan agreement. A delay in the construction was also encountered due to resettlement disagreement of about 900 families.


Some of the domestic contribution of the construction of the bridge and links roads is creation of 3000 jobs to the local population, transfer of technology to local people and auxiliary projects such as local schools and houses for resettled families.


The bridge surpasses the Matadi Bridge in the Democratic Republic of Congo which previously held the title of longest suspension bridge. Apart from being Africa’s longest suspension bridge, the Maputo-Catembe will also be ranked among the 60 largest suspended bridges in the world.


Source: constructionreviewonline.com

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Sierra Leone is set to invest US $2bn to link its capital city Freetown to the country’s only international airport, through construction of a 7km bridge.

Speaking during opening of project tender ceremony, President Julius Maada Bio, said that the project aims at making the airport more accessible. Freetown International Airport at Lungi is currently accessible only by boat or helicopter, separated from the capital by the nearly five km wide mouth of the Rokel river.

“I will closely superintend the entire process and ensure that every tender is compliant and every tender is in the best long-term interest of Sierra Leone,” said President Julius.

Upon completion the bridge may be ranked to be the largest infrastructure project in the west African country. The 7km-long bridge is intended to end the “logistical nightmare” facing travelers arriving at Lungi, formerly a British air base located.

According to James Turner, an official from Sierra Leone’s transportation ministry, the project would take between four and five years to complete. The idea of the bridge was settled on, but the government has been deterred from starting because of its capital cost, which is equal to about half of its GDP. President Julius Maada Bio however believes it will be feasible using the public–private model.

Bio first proposed the bridge project to the state-funded Chinese firm, Power China International during a visit to Beijing last September. A month later, he axed a plan of his predecessor’s to build a new US $400m airport closer to the capital with Chinese labor and loans.

“I believe infrastructural investments should not burden the country with huge debt. They should be financed in a way that the public and future generations are not liable for that debt. So, we are not going to build a bridge or an airport for which the people of Sierra Leone are going to pay back a high-interest loan for 10, 20, or 30 years. That simply does not make economic sense. Five European and Asian companies have already expressed an interest in the scheme,” Said his excellency.


Source: constructionreviewonline.com

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WASHINGTON – The number of homes under construction fell 8.7 percent in February, as ground breakings for single-family houses plunged to their lowest level in nearly two years.

The Commerce Department said that builders started construction at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.16 million units last month, down from a 1.27 million pace in January. The setback stems from a 17 percent drop in the building of single-family houses, which posted the weakest pace since May 2017. Apartment construction increased in February.

Single-family housing starts are running 2.3 percent below last year's pace. Lower mortgage rates at the start of 2019 appear to be boosting buyer demand for housing, but builders are contending with rising costs for labor and land that also limit new construction. Cold weather in February also likely contributed to the decline in housing starts, while recent flooding in the Midwest might dampen building in that region.

“Today's lackluster release is likely due to poor weather conditions,” said Matthew Speakman, an economist analyst at the real estate company Zillow. “The outlook for home construction should improve was we turn the corner into spring, but that could take longer in parts of the country where flooding continues into late March.”

Starts plummeted 29.5 percent in the Northeast. They declined by 6.8 percent in the South and 18.9 percent in the West. Home construction increased 26.8 percent in the Midwest, but the gains came entirely from apartment complexes.

A separate report said the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller 20-city home price index increased 3.6 percent in January from a year earlier. That's down from a 4.1 percent pace the previous month.


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In 2014, real estate developer Vanessa Sturgeon inked a deal with City Hall to build a 30-story downtown residential and office tower, the fourth tallest on the Portland skyline.

That tower, Park Avenue West, was a win for city officials, who had watched the property sit fallow for so many years it had earned a nickname: "the Moyer Hole," after owner Tom Moyer, Sturgeon's grandfather. It was a win for Sturgeon, whose building would be allowed to soar 30 stories—because the city agreed to let her build higher than zoning codes would usually allow.

And it was supposed to be a win for organized labor: In exchange for permission to build higher, Sturgeon agreed to contract with a company that hired union cleaners and security guards in the commercial parts of the building. (She also paid the city $100,000.)

But Sturgeon hired no contractors for cleaning.

Instead, she found a way to wiggle out of the deal: Commercial tenants at Park Avenue West would hire their own non-union cleaners and the agreement did not explicitly prohibit that.

"The intent was to require cleaning staff to be represented [by a union]," says Marshall Runkel, chief of staff to City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly. "Everyone agrees that is not happening." Runkel concedes City Hall cut a lousy deal: "The rule and agreement were not written well."

Service Employees International Union Local 49 says the deal is clear enough—the city just isn't enforcing it. Sturgeon, through an assistant, declined to comment. Her attorney, in letters to the city, contends she is abiding by the agreement.

"I thought we agreed to fair treatment—and fair wages—for janitors providing services to Park Avenue West, and I'm disappointed we haven't had a better partner" in Sturgeon's company, TMT Development, says City Commissioner Nick Fish. "I certainly didn't expect we'd spin our wheels for this long arguing over the letter and spirit of the deal."

The case of Park Avenue West is important because it demonstrates how the city gives away millions of dollars worth of value to developers—without ensuring they keep their end of the deal.

City zoning rules limit how high a building may be built on a property, by calculating the square footage allowed on each floor. This measurement is called floor-area ratio, or FAR.

When developers want to build higher, they may buy development privileges from other property owners to build more. (In the case of Park Avenue West, City Hall granted the development permission that would have belonged to a building erected above city-owned plaza Director Park.)

The city is now studying how to sell more development privileges on city-owned land through FAR transfers to developers looking to build higher and more densely in the central city.

An executive summary by consulting firm EcoNorthwest estimates the sale of such privileges could bring in nearly $63 million for the city by 2035. But what happened at Director Park raises a red flag whether the city can enforce the rules it places on such trades—including a requirement to build affordable housing.
"If we can't hold them accountable at least one time, why would they ever believe they have to be accountable?" says Felisa Hagins, political director of SEIU Local 49.

Over the past three years, City Hall and Sturgeon's company, TMT Development, have exchanged a series of letters through their attorneys without resolution.
Union members hope companies that pay union wages and provide benefits will get the jobs.

Nonunion minimum wage jobs pay $12 an hour in Portland. Union wages are at least $14 an hour after a probationary period, SEIU says, with roughly another $6 an hour in benefits.

"I'm hoping they change to a union company," said Renato Quintero, 52, a janitor and union vice president who cleans at Intel, at a protest earlier this month. "They charge a lot of money for wealthy people, but those who clean it hardly can make it to pay the rent every month."

In a statement to WW, the mayor's office appeared to give up.

"The city has gone as far as they legally are able to," says Mayor Ted Wheeler's spokeswoman Eileen Park. "We reiterate our values. The mayor believes in the importance of unions and the critical role they play in ensuring livable wages and benefits for employees."

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KALAMAZOO, MI — It's spring again, and that means the start of construction season. Road closed signs and orange cones are beginning to appear throughout Kalamazoo County. 

As crews begin to dig in, local officials are working to keep citizens informed. 

"Many of you remember last year was a very challenging year when it came to navigating downtown," Downtown Kalamazoo President Andrew Haan said during a recent meeting about construction projects near downtown Kalamazoo expected to impact traffic this summer. 

"We will have some challenges again this year," he said. "They will not be as disruptive."

The organization is working with the city to minimize impacts, he said, and plans to offer regular updates about construction activities in downtown Kalamazoo.

The city of Kalamazoo held a meeting on March 20 to highlight some of the construction projects happening this year in Kalamazoo, focused on the projects that would impact traffic in and around the downtown area. 

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