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Nigeria to deliver one million affordable houses every Year

The federal government of Nigeria has announced plans to deliver one million affordable houses every year in bid to address housing deficit in the country.

Minister of state, works and housing, Abubakar Aliyu announced the plans during an inspection of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) mass housing project in Zuba, Federal Capital Territory and said that the government is set to provide enabling environment to attract investors into the housing sector for the project to commence.

Affordable housing 

“The government has decided to improve on current construction of 100,000 houses per years in order to meet the basic needs of the people. By delivering one million houses per year, we will close the 17 million housing shortfall by the year 2033. That is the target of government, we are committed to doing that and to ensure that the programmes, policies are accomplished,” said Abubakar.

The minister further affirmed that problems associated with acquisition of lands would be addressed. The houses will be designed specifically for the middle and low income earners both in the public and private sector and the self-employed, once they meet up with the criteria.

Zuba project

The Zuba project is located near the Zuba Model Market, the Zuba Spare Parts Market and the FCT College of Education. The project which was to be completed by August was delayed because of the rainy season. The 764 housing units is at 75% completion stage.

Rising population, rapid urban migration and uncoordinated policy direction of the government are some of the critical factors deepening the housing gap. Building in Nigeria is also very expensive and this is due to the high cost of building materials, high costs of skilled labour, and the costs associated with public infrastructure such as sewers and roads. The high cost of building in Nigeria, as well as lack of proper mortgage finance market, has frustrated the efforts of many Nigerian with stable jobs who want to own a home of their own.

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