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Tulsa Cement Company Faces Lawsuit For A 'Poor Job;' BBB Issues Warning About Company

TULSA, Oklahoma - Earlier this month the Better Business Bureau and Home Builders Association released its first joint press release warning those across Green Country about doing business with Engineered Concrete Systems.


As of this posting, there have been four formal complaints filed to the BBB and more than 250 inquires into the business.


Kenneth Miller hired Engineered Concrete Systems to seal his driveway and front porch in 2017. He says all this time later he’s out $7,200.00 and his driveway has never looked worse.


“It did look fairly good at the time,” Miller said. He explained it wasn’t until about three months after the work was done that the sealant on the driveway started to peel.


“It was cracking, it was turning white, it was bubbling up in places.”


Miller says he contacted the owner of Engineered Concrete Systems, Bill Holcombe, to tell him what was going on. He says, Bill told him the sealant can’t be applied during the winter months and to contact him in the spring to arrange a time they could come back out and look it over.


“I tried to contact him in the spring of 2018 and just had one problem after another, either he didn’t answer his phone or he was busy with something else.”


In an effort to get Holcombe face-to-face, Miller went to the Home and Garden Show in 2018 and confronted him saying that he wanted his driveway fixed and wanted a date that his crew would be out there to do the work.


In early August, Miller says a crew from Engineered Concrete Systems showed up at his home. He says they scrapped his driveway to get the sealant off and in the process even damaged sections of the concrete. Instead of making the situation better Miller claims they made it much, much worse.


It was after that situation that Miller fired Engineered Concrete Systems and told them they’re no longer allowed on his property. Miller contacted the BBB to file a complaint against Engineered Concrete Systems.


Since Miller filed his complaint with the BBB there have been at least two more, bringing the total to four. There have also been 266 inquiries into the company, more than 100 of those have come in since the BBB and HBA issued a warning to consumers about doing business with the company. We’re told a few of those calls have been very concerning.


We were able to get in touch with Mr. Holcombe’s attorney, Oliver Arbogast. He is standing behind his client and his client’s business practices saying that he did three million dollars in work last year and some of the projects haven’t been finished yet and some he admits will have to be redone.


“I know that there are some jobs going on that are going to have to be redone but Mr. Holcombe’s always been a man of his world,” Arbogast said.

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