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A vandalized water pipe interrupts water supply in Cape Town

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) engineers have attributed the cause of a water pipe burst at the Komati Water Augmentation Scheme to a case of vandalism. An attempt to steal the isolation valve led to the burst.
The engineers were able to relieve the pressure in the pipeline, allowing them to do a proper inspection of the area. The other reservoirs also supplying the power station have remained stable at 93 and 81% of capacity. This has also served to ensure that all other operations at the Duvha Power Station continue, with uninterrupted power generation.
At the moment a new valve has been installed and work continues. DWS urges all citizens to report to the police any acts that interfere with distribution of water. This includes vandalism and theft of water infrastructure, water pollution and unauthorized use of water. Ensuring water security is a responsibility of all water users and requires collaborative effort.

The pipe burst happened on Sunday morning and has primarily affected water supply to the Duvha Power Station only. As a result, all water supplies to the power station from the Water Scheme have since ceased. This is according to a statement released by the department.

Alternative water supply
In addition, an alternative water supply from the Komati scheme came in handy to ensure water supply to the Duvha Power Station remains uncompromised. According to the department, the water supply would cover the time taken for inspection. This would also help determine the amount of time needed to repair the same.
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