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NPA reduces national sulphur levels for diesel

The National Petroleum Authority has revised the national sulphur specification for diesel from maximum 3000pmm (parts per million) to 500pmm effective January 2017.
The NPA says the reduction is in consonance with the call for "cleaner air" by consumers.
The reduction follows a BBC report that said the quality of diesel shipped into Africa is toxic and of low quality due to the excessive sulphur content.
The approved sulphur content for the diesel in Europe is 500pmm but the ones shipped into Africa and Ghana are over 3000pmm.
Chief Executive of the NPA in a reaction to the report admitted to the sulphur levels in the diesel shipped into Ghana but said it was not fatally toxic.

He suggested that the diesel with the European approved specification was too expensive for Ghanaian consumers to afford.
Barely a month after the reaction the NPA has released a statement on October 3, 2016, saying, it has revised the sulphur levels in the diesel to be imported into Ghana.
"Additionally, all suppliers of fuel to Ghana are by this revised specification, allowed to import diesel at 10ppm or lower. This means that whilst the revised national specification will be at 500pmm, suppliers of fuel could import ultra-low-sulphur-diesels (ULSD) to Ghana as pertains in Europe," the statement said.
Public Relations Officer of the NPA, Yaro Kasambata said the revision was arrived at following a meeting by stakeholders, which includes the Environmental Protection Agency, Standards Authority, and other subregional bodies.
He told Joy News' Evans Mensah the decision to revise the sulphur levels started in 2013 and was happy a final decision has been arrived at.
When asked if the reduction was going to lead to an increase in the cost of selling diesel,  Kasambata said "we don't envisage an increase in diesel prices as a result of reduction in sulphur levels.
"Various models have been explored and the best foot has been put forward," he added.

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