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Government offers improved RDP housing plan in Gauteng

The government in Gauteng is now offering an alternative improved Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) housing plan to its residents. This new approach will help boost the property market in the province and also meet people’s needs that are beyond just owning a home.
Lee Mhlongo‚ Chief Executive of First National Bank housing‚ confirmed the reports and said that the provincial government’s mega housing initiative was a boon for the property market. However, Premier David Makhura’s administration had decided to stop small RDP projects because‚ as with township development during apartheid‚ most of these projects are on the periphery of cities‚ far from people’s place of work.
The housing development initiative
The housing development initiative will be implemented at a huge scale which will effectively wipe out apartheid spatial design. There will be creation of new cities and an addition to topping up housing in areas that are already developed.
This implementation barely comes a month after Makhura and Gauteng MEC of human settlements Paul Mashatile launched a housing project in the Rand West Municipality. The housing project will yield 13‚000 units including social housing‚ bonded houses‚ walk-up RDP flats and military veterans’ houses.
Also, a new city will be constructed in Ekurhuleni known as the John Dube City mega project. It will create more than 10‚000 homes and additionally have a civic centre‚ seven primary schools‚ three secondary schools‚ a regional hospital and two transport facilities.
The benefit of having these settlements is that they provide Gauteng with a platform to reinvent itself and have inclusive growth.

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