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US$ 1.3m International Cricket Stadium in Rwanda opens

Construction of the Gahanga International Cricket Stadium in Rwanda is now complete. The stadium is now open to the public making Rwanda the new home of cricket.
The state-of-the-art facility which is arguably the first of its kind in the region commenced construction back in April 2015. This was after the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation received a lease certificate for a 4.5-hectare plot in Gahanga sectr, Kicukiro district.
According to the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation General Manager, Eric Dusingizimana; the stadium which cost US$ 1.3m has a height of 124 meters and a width of 137 meters with a modern grass pitch of ‘Bermuda Grass’ which is commonly used in modern cricket stadiums.
 “The completed part of the stadium is built on a two-hectare area, and we are remaining with 2.5 hectares of land which will be used in the future. This is an exciting development for us and the younger generation is going to benefit heavily from this,” said Dusingizimana.
The national team captain pointed out that the money used in the construction of the stadium was raised by the fans of Cricket worldwide. Everyone is happy and pleased that Rwanda has a stadium that will host international matches in the future.
“Wehelped raise funds for the stadium and set a Guinness World Record by batting for 51 hours straight last year,” Dusingizimana explained.
The Rwandan Cricket Stadium Foundation was set up by Alby Shale, the son of a late British politician and cricket lover who visited Rwanda to do aid work.

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