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Tanzania to upgrade the 14.2km dual carriageway stretch of the Arusha-Holili road

Tanzania is planning to upgrade the 14.2km dual carriageway stretch of the Arusha-Holili road. However, Tanzania is looking to get the project funds from development partners to upgrade the remaining part of the road.
Moreover, the government has made a step of approaching the government of Japan. This is to secure funds for road upgrading towards Moshi. Negotiations are ongoing on how best to extend the road from Tengeru to Usa River; also the rehabilitation of the Kikafu Bridge near Moshi.
Upgrading cost
Arusha-Holili Road is part of the 240km regional road that extends to Voi in Kenya. The road is currently undergoing upgrad within the framework of the East African Road Project (EARP) at a cost of US$400mn.
Besides, the project is part of the vast network of major roads agenda for massive rehabilitation throughout the East African Community (EAC) bloc to facilitate cross-border trade and movement of people.

The project construction work did kick off in June 2015. The regional leaders did execute the launching in March 2016 during the EAC Heads of State Summit at the Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge. What’s more, the idea is to create another major transport corridor in the region linking Mombasa Port with northern Tanzania and beyond. Rehabilitation of the Holili/Taveta-Voi stretch in Kenya is almost complete.
According to Hosea Nyangweso, the Principal Civil Engineer with the EAC Secretariat did decline to talk about efforts to secure funds for road extension works. Alternatively, he did hint on the civil works proposal.
“Rehabilitation of the Usa River-Moshi -Holili is not in the immediate implementation plan”, said Hosea Nyangweso. “However, the major civil works beyond Usa River will be realigning of the Kikafu River bridge.”
Road design
Designs are already made, an indication that an entirely new bridge construction will soon kick off. In addition, the bridge construction work will go on above the present bridge. The construction will have double lane approach roads from either side.
Last but not least, the African Development Bank (AfDB) is funding the construction of the dual carriage between Arusha and Tengeru. The bank is the traditional financier of major road projects in East Africa.
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