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Weak Transmission Stalls Generation of 700MW At Egbin Power station

The generation of 700 megawatts of power  in Egbin Power Station in Lagos is being stalled due to the weak transmission infrastructure carrying generated power to the national grid. This is according to Mr. Dallas Peavey, the Chief Executive Officer of Egbin Power Plc.
This comes as a Congressional delegation from the USA has restated the country’s commitment to ‘Power Africa’. Mr. Peavey said generation of 700 megawatts was not happening because of weak transmission infrastructure.
According to Mr. Peavey poor generation causes the lack of transmission capacity to carry the generated power . These parts were manufactured by the Japanese and getting those parts has become a challenge.
But he said that they  are working with the United States to find replaceable parts. He also said that they were looking to re-engineer some parts of the system. This is  in order  for them to upgrade and improve it.
The chief executive officer added that gas was no longer a challenge. He insists that the plant has  more than sufficient gas supplies. The gas supplies helps to be able to generate power at the full capacity of the plant.
Before  privatization of the plant in November 2013, generation was below 240MW per hour.  At  the plants lowest point, only two of the six units were partially operational.

Members of the Delegation
Members of the delegation, who were present include Representative Frederica Wilson of Florida, Representative Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester of Delaware, Representative Barbara Lee of California, Representative Terri Sewell of Alabama, Gary Peters of Michigan and Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado.
They were also  accompanied by the US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Stuart Symington
Privatization of the plant
Mr. Peavey said that the privatization exercise of the plant  happened three- and-a-half years ago. Since then they  have actually moved forward in the energy sector completely.  And that  one of the best ways to do it is for people to come and see it themselves and  not just to talk about it

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